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Born and bred in Singapore, a multicultural diversified country, the author was confident she is globally-minded and open to different culture. After graduation, she was quite satisfied living comfortably enough and a “stable” job in the local technology industry. However, things gotten stagnant and decision was made for a change in industry in the next job. She had an interest in Japanese J Pop and drama culture (the same old story for many) since student days, and started learning Japanese language.


Due to privacy, the author would only reveal that due to certain circumstance, she moved to Tokyo, Japan back in summer, 2014. There are definitely ups and downs, and it would be a lie to say she enjoyed living in Japan when she moved over. Let’s just say, the sudden thought of moving to a whole new place (without any time limitation of moving back) was frightening. So the first year struggle was surreal and trying.


After 4 years (and counting) of living in Japan, she seems to be much more settled. Learning to enjoy the overseas life that not everyone could probably experience. Being thankful and felt that there seems to be a lack of Asian perspective of Japan information online, the author decides to experimentally start a website to share some of these insights.


Being experimental or not, the author is not obligated in anyway to reply all public or personal questions. However, she (or guest contributors) will try their best to reply some of the issue or experience which may not be easily found online (unless a. Person fully comprehend Japanese, b. Experience the same thing living in Japan c. it’s up to your own imagination)


All in all, the author is rather excited in starting this whole new online thing. Though she is not unfamiliar with online technology, this is still considered a special project. The author had the great support of family and friends. And there may be guest contributors (hailed from Singapore or some of parts of the world) to be her content generator (yay!)


The content is mainly to share about Japan from an Asian perspective (ahem, mainly Singaporean actually) Anything under the sun, with main theme ranging from travel, food, living, studying, culture, whatever.


The introduction may not be chronological timeline since the author’s memory fuzzi-ed over years after being blank-out in the online presence.


Hope you enjoy this website.